We welcome a new SDG Charter

It’s official: the second SDG Charter in the world has been established.
Our Belgian neighbours have formed a charter for international development with the ambition to promote and fulfil the SDGs through partnerships between civil society organisations, companies and the public sector. So far more than 80 companies have signed the  Belgian SDG Charter.

The charter is driven by the Belgian Deputy prime minister and minister of development Alexander de Croo who’s aim is to bridge the gap between the sectors and encourage the private sector to contribute to the 2030 Agenda. Belgian sustainability network The Shift will manage the process.  The charter will focus on five specific themes: (1) health, (2) renewable energy, (3) digitalisation, (4) agriculture and nutrition and (5) sustainable enterprise.

Earlier this year capital of the Belgian Investment Company for Developing countries was opened to support private investors that attach value to the social and environmental impact of their investments.

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