Outcomes & Aftermovie Transform Your World

Transform Your World
Preliminary outcomes of the sessions (until 14:30) + summaries of the workshops

Participants to “Transform Your World” are already contributing to the SDGs in many ways. Today, they had the opportunity to find partners they need to contribute even more or better to the SDGs. During the workshops, participants identified shared aims and agreed on joint actions towards the SDGs. These are reported below as a basis for follow-up by themselves, facilitated by the SDG Charter. This overview reflects the outcomes of today’s sessions, without being comprehensive. The list remains open for adjustments and additions. In the course of 2017, the SDG Charter will offer participants online and offline ways to continuously share both their existing and new activities on the SDGs, discuss progress, learn from each other and agree on the next steps.

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If you are want to (continue to) join the action or the Charter, please contact Maresa Oosterman and Rosalie de Bruijn: info@sdgcharter.nl.

Summaries of the workshops:
Water and Intentieverklaring deltaplan
Circular Economy
Sustainable Agriculture and Food
Gender (Morning Session) and report of Rutgers: ‘Inbreng van Rutgers voor de Nederlandse Voluntary National Review’
Gender (Afternoon Session)
Energy: presentation by Eneco and presentation by IUCN NL on One Planet Thinking
Human Cities