Invitation: join the Erasmus University case competition around the SDGs

Do you encounter struggles when incorporating the SDGs into your business strategy? Then join the Erasmus University Case Competition in May!

In May Erasmus University will host a case competition around the SDGs. They would love to invite companies that have committed themselves to the SDGs. During this case competition, companies are asked to present a 20 minute case about the struggles they encounter when incorporating the SDGs into their business strategy. Afterwards, talents of the Erasmus University will get approximately 2 hours to develop a creative solution and prepare a short pitch of maximum 3 minutes. At the end, one winner will be selected.

The Erasmus University believes by having companies present their case, their global talents have the opportunities to not only show their business acumen for finding solutions, but also gain insights in the struggles that sustainable businesses have to deal with. In return, the company will benefit in three major ways: promotion among international students, discovering the unique talents of our students, and gathering creative solutions for the challenges that the company is facing.

Are you interested in joining, then please contact Miriam Albers, External Relations Manager, ESN Rotterdam – SocialErasmus: